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BALTHAZAR Private Tailors have been established out of the passion for beauty, classical style, elegance and handcraft.

The years of experience and cooperation with outstanding Italian tailors has enabled us to create men’s garments that perfectly match any man’s personality and figure. We admire and respect the expertise in tailoring we have found in Italy – the capital of the tailoring world. We ensure the highest quality of bespoke tailoring services.

Made-to-measure tailoring guarantees an outfit, which ideally suits one’s figure and personality. It is an opportunity to compose one’s very own garment.

Selected brands

One of the best in Italy manufacturers of the suits, jackets and overcoats. Best fabrics, modern design, combined with traditional craftsmanship. Obsessive attention to detail makes the suits of Caruso true piece of tailoring art.

A small family company, which since 1911 produces leather jackets and casual coats. The icon product-Valstarino leather jacket was created in 1932 especially for the italian pilots.

The brand specializes in quilted jackets and overcoats. The unique finishing and treatment of the fabrics makes that they are resistant to rain and moisture. Modern cut and very good fitting.

A family company from Naples that is expert in high quality jeans. The best denim from Italy and the unique Kurabo denim from Japan combined with a modern cut and original finishing make Pescarolo pants most appreciated by customers who are not fashion victims.

Ties, pocket squares, scarves of Franco Bassi for years delight the connoisseurs of the best quality silk accessories from area of Lake Como.

Shoes are made in Mallorca in owned by a founder’s family factory. Using the traditional Goodyear stitching. The shoes are made on modern lasts using best selection of leathers.

The Thomas Riemer gloves are designed in Vienna, using traditional techniques and the rare skills of twenty glove makers with over 40 years of experience. What makes the gloves truly unique is the mixture of superlative materials, the strive for perfect fit and the manufacturing precision

Francesco Maglia - manufactory, which has been continuously producing umbrellas in Milan since 1850. For the production of specially ordered fabrics and bamboo handles are used. The offer also includes special versions with a deer horn.

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