Made to measure

Tailored suits

Made-to-measure tailoring guarantees an outfit, which ideally suits one’s figure and personality. It is an opportunity to compose one’s very own garment.

We suggest taking part in the process of creating one’s own style with the professional help of our style experts. The process of co-creating one’s own garment is a great pleasure and an extremely inspiring experience.

During a meeting with a style expert the Client chooses the right fit, fabrics, colours and accessories. He makes a selection from numerous possibilities and decides on a collar and cuff that suit him; chooses lapels, buttons and lining. We offer different variants of styles and finishes. An important element of the meeting is taking the measure. As a result, our clothes fit perfectly. After about 5 weeks from placing the order, one can enjoy a ready work of art, the author of which is to the great extent, the Client himself.

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